Rijnbeek works in the tradition of abstract expressionism. Her examples are a.o. Cy Twombly and Antoni Tàpies. Just like these painters she is exploring the roots of scripture, as callifraphy of the unconsious.

Rijnbeeks work shows landscapes or views of a non-existing reality. The different elements do not become real and a lot is left to the viewers imagination. Her work can be seen as  a search for a universal truth. Her abstract language is a personal expression that touches the collective consciousness.

After a period of 7 years of painting continiously and exhibiting in various countries, Rijnbeek now is looking back on a 7 year period of traveling and reflection. One of the recent developments is sumi-e, the Japanese influence of intuitive painting, where empty space is as important as the image itself.

Rijnbeek produces free and commissioned artwork